My new company car needs to be large enough for a family and low on BIK - any suggestions?

I'm a high mileage driver looking at buying a new or nearly new company car. It needs to be large enough for a big family that needs a lot of boot space, as well as low BIK. I don’t want to pay nearly £400 per month in April. Looking to spend £30k - £35k including trading in my current BMW 320d.

Asked on 12 September 2018 by Chris Brown

Answered by Andrew Brady
If you like your current 3 Series, have you considered a 330e? It's a plug-in hybrid with a CO2 rating of 44g/km, putting it into the 16 per cent BIK band in 2019/20. A slightly cheaper alternative might be the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with its 41g/km CO2 and huge boot. Be careful, though - you'll have to spend a lot on petrol if you don't charge regularly.
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