I want a Lexus RX450h to replace my car, but the infotainment system looks so outdated - is an upgrade expected soon?

I quite fancy a Lexus RX450h to replace my Mercedes-Benz ML-Class with a more comfortable and stylish drive, but it looks so outdated without CarPlay, Android Auto or a built-in TomTom sat nav. Can we expect an upgrade any time soon?

Asked on 12 September 2018 by Chris Turner

Answered by Andrew Brady
Lexus is set to introduce CarPlay and Android Auto on some of its cars in the States next year, so hopefully that'll be brought across to the UK at some point. When that'll be is hard to say, unfortunately. Have you considered a Volvo XC90? Like the Lexus it's an interesting alternative to the German brands, but its infotainment is much slicker than that in the Lexus. It's available as a hybrid, too.
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