Are Volkswagen infotainment failures common?

Our VW Golf Mark 7 infotainment system is completely dead. VW have charged us for diagnostics and say the unit needs to be replaced. They initially quoted £2700 though this has since been reduced to £2300. However, is it reasonable that such an expensive component should fail at this stage in a cars life?

The internet contains reports of similar failures on VW group cars, and as ours has done less than 30,000 miles, would this not suggest a design or manufacturing defect that the manufacturer should be taking responsibility for?

Does you have any knowledge of this issue, and of any cases where VW have paid in whole or in part to put cars back into fit for purpose condition?

Asked on 28 July 2023 by Stephen Morgan

Answered by David Ross
As you mention, there are several reports of owners suffering a similar problem to yours with Volkswagen infotainment systems. The Volkswagen CEO has even admitted that mistakes had been made with these systems and has promised that they are working on fixes.

However, as far as we are aware there is no official response from Volkswagen to the issues, and if there are instances where Volkswagen has paid some or all of the cost of repairs these have not been made public.

Unfortunately your best option will be to pursue a complaint through your dealer and Volkswagen UK, outlining the problems you have experienced and highlighting the fact that this is a common problem.
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