Do any small cars have sliding rear seats?

My wife has a 2014 Hyundai I10, which we use for shopping and transporting our two grandsons in Isofix car seats. The boys are growing, now 6 and 3, and have started to complain of lack of legroom. We need to change, but don't really want anything a lot bigger. Would a car with sliding rear seats give us more rear leg room? We do not usually have much in the boot, when we have the boys?

Asked on 6 August 2018 by kevin.bumby

Answered by Honest John
The previous model Renault Twingo could be obtained with sliding rear seat that gave a lot more legroom and almost no luggage room: You could also get them in the original Smart ForFour: and the Mitsubishi Colt: But it's not a feature I've seen in small cars since then.
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