How can I keep my new car safe from being broken into?

My BMW X5 (less than a year old) has been broken into twice recently. The second time I had definitely locked the car and both keys had been in faraday pouches. It seems that the people who clone the key signal can retain the information and repeatedly enter the car. All BMW tell me is that this is an industry wide problem and that I should use a wheel lock to prevent the car from being stolen. The alternative is to change the locks and keys at a cost of around £2000 + VAT. Is there any solution to this?

Asked on 4 August 2018 by rgarry

Answered by Honest John
That's very alarming but the logic makes sense. Unless the keyfob has rolling codes, once they have cloned it they have the security codes to enter and drive the car away whenever they want. Suggest a Disklok from Halfords at about £100. Clunky and inconvenient, but more so to a thief.

Also necessitates leaving nothing of value inside the car. Of course, if you have BMW's or Mercedes latest key systems, you can start or stop the car by disabling it from your mobile phone.
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