My RAC 225 dash cam is recording my speed incorrectly - is it a fault of the device?

I see that you have published a review of the RAC 225 S Super HD Dash Cam, but did you actually test it on the road? I purchased one of these and, at a road speed of 70 mph (confirmed +/- 1 - 2 mph by three other GPS systems at the same time), the dash cam shows 77mph and records it to the SD card. As it would show that I was greatly over the legal limit, if I were involved in an incident, I felt that that was unacceptable and I returned it to the retailer for an exchange device on the basis that it might have been faulty. However, the replacement device shows exactly the same reading and even shows my speed as 82 mph, if I stray over to 72 mph. Unless the retailer has sent me the exact device which I returned, I think that the RAC 225 is extremely unreliable and, perhaps, you should make note of it in your review.

Asked on 2 August 2018 by Richard Chandler

Answered by Georgia Petrie
We test all the products we review, including the dash cams. Unfortunately, you seem to have had a duff unit (or two). Our reviewer included a five minute clip of the RAC 225's dash cam footage in the review (, at 4:48 minutes in, you'll see he passes a speed readout device that shows him doing 27mph in a 30mph zone. The RAC 225 reflects this 27mph speed accurately in the left-bottom corner of the screen where the speed is shown. The speed from 20 - 70mph was accurate throughout all our testing (including the 5 minutes we actually show in the review). However, we did rate the dash cam 3/5 stars for things like the adhesive mount and relatively narrow field of view.
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