Is a dealer contractually bound to deliver a new car at the price agreed at the date of order?

I ordered a new Jaguar XF Sportbrake, paying a £500 deposit. I'm serving in the military and took advantage of the discount offered while keeping the total build price under £40k, therefore not straying into the additional tax band.

I called to ask for an update and was informed their was an issue with all new cars being built due to emissions regulations. Mine had to be rebuilt and was therefore reordered. Other points raised by the dealer included crushing new cars not delivered by 1 September 2018. I found this rather suspect. Following this, I today received a call saying he could not build the car for under £40k and that I could have my deposit back if I wished. I'm very disappointed with the service. I would still like the car, do I have any consumer rights in this situation?

Asked on 2 August 2018 by skiingblacklab

Answered by Honest John
All new cars first registered from 1-9-2018 have to be certified to EU6d TEMP / WLTP and quite a lot of cars are having difficulty in meeting the new emissions requirements without a hefty increase in CO2, which puts up the first year 'showroom tax'. However, first year showroom tax is not part of the calculation of the £40k for 'luxury tax'; only list price + delivery + dealer prep are included in this. You have no legal basis to demand that your car is delivered on time at a lower price than its list price, so our advice is to co-operate with the dealer and cancel the order.
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