I want to buy a lot of wine in Calais and drive it back home - how much weight can my car safely carry?

I'm going to Calais to buy wine for a massive family party. Someone said to me that I won't be able to bring back enough as there is a maximum weight capacity for the car (2016 Skoda Octavia Estate). There are three ladies in the car in total.Can anyone tell me how many wine cases, carrying six bottles each, I can safely carry?

Asked on 18 June 2018 by Alison Boyd

Answered by Honest John
Six bottles of wine weighs 8kg. A Skoda Octavia Estate has a kerb weight of 1172kg -1415kg (including driver). So get your friends on the scales, add their weights to the "kerb weight" of the car (in the manual), subtract that from the "gross vehicle weight" of the car (also in the manual), and you will know how many kilos you can safely play with. Try to load as near to the centre of the car as you can, using the unoccupied rear footwell, for more even weight distribution.
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