How do you ensure your car isn't being used when you leave it parked at an airport?

Do you have any advice regarding airport car parks? I recently read about yet another scam where an independent contractor offered off-site parking in a muddy field and cars were returned either damaged or used for joy riding. I've used the official car parks in airports with no hassle, but where do you stand with insurance and liabilities? How can you find out if you car is safe and protected from any issues when you return to collect it?

Asked on 11 June 2018 by Neil Littman

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would only ever use the official ones. When someone/a business takes control over your property for a fee - whether it be parking, taking your car for a service, car wash etc - it falls under the law of Bailment. As a Bailee, they have a duty of care for the control and safe upkeep of your vehicle/property whilst it's in their control. Any company that has control of your property must also have insurance in place to cover them for any loss or damage of your property whilst in their control. You have the right to seek compensation via the courts should your property become damaged in their control. To safeguard your vehicle, use a dash cam or fit a tracker so you can monitor your vehicles movements. You could use an old phone that's tracked using the Find My iPhone app. Or a Tile:
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