Is there a time limit on the issuance of traffic violation notices in France?

I rented a car at Geneva Airport in February this year and took the vehicle over the border into France for a few days. The rental company have just emailed me to tell me that the French police have requested my details as I committed a traffic violation (speeding) while in France. I have heard nothing yet from the French police. Are you aware of any time limit on the issuance of traffic violation notices in France? It's over three months since the date of the incident.

Asked on 31 May 2018 by

Answered by Honest John
Once they have your details, as in the UK, there is no limit. The only limit in the UK is 14 days to notify the 'keeper', not the driver. And the 'keeper' in your case was the rental company. But I wouldn't worry. They usually regard it as too much hassle to pursue this sort of thing.
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