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Top 10 reasons for failing the driving test

More than half of all people (53 per cent) will fail their driving test, but what are the main causes of misery on the big day? 

We've analysed Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) records to uncover the 10 most common mistakes that learners make during the driving test. 

What to expect on your practical driving test

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Junctions (observation)

The number one cause of driving test failure in the UK comes from failure to scrutinise the road ahead. Indeed, according to the DVSA, junctions provide the biggest obstacle  for learners, with most scoring an immediate fail because they’ve failed to check their surroundings for pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. 


Mike Richardson    on 10 July 2017

Since when was 47% "more than half"?

Philip Joisce    on 10 July 2017

The text for Point 4 is the same as Point 5, just to show that even someone who passed their test 45 years ago is interested still, most points are the same as all those years ago.

Mike Richardson    on 10 July 2017

I always thought that "red and amber" lights came straight after "red" and meant "prepare to go" not "stop". Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Jamie Graham    on 10 July 2017

Red and Amber together does mean stop. Do not pass through or start until the green light shows. Highway code!

Mike Richardson    on 10 July 2017

Thank you for correcting that.

Jamie Graham    on 10 July 2017

I thought they said 53 percent!

paul jenkins    on 11 July 2017

Since when was 47% "more than half"?
it says 53 cant you read lol

   on 11 July 2017

Is it still a fail to let the wheel slip through your hands?
I have been told different

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