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Top 10: Family car PCP deals

Family budgets are being squeezed, with rising fuel and insurance costs making it harder for most to make ends meet. Thankfully you don’t need to raid your savings to get a comfortable and practical family car. Indeed, if you have a couple of thousand to stump up as a deposit a new family car could be a lot more affordable than you think on PCP (personal contract purchase).  

Here are the 10 best family car PCP deals on the market right now. As always, check the details of your specific agreement and read the smallprint.

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Renault Megane TCe 130 Dynamique Nav

The Megane, launched in summer 2016, is an attractive new model combining great looks with high equipment levels and tempting deals. We found the well-specced 130PS petrol Dynamique Nav with a near £2000 deposit contribution from Renault on PCP, plus an extra £500 saving if you take a test drive. And who buys a car without taking a test drive? With this deal, the total payable by the customer is lower than the car’s official advertised price, which isn’t bad for a model launched less than six months ago.

What you pay:

Cash price: £18,750

Finance product: Selections PCP

Monthly payment: £239

Customer deposit: £2676

Dealer deposit contribution: £1950

Total deposit: £4626

Duration: 37 months

Annual mileage: 6000

Total amount of credit: £14,124

APR: 3.2 per cent

Optional final payment: £6530

Total payable by customer: £18,058

Excess mileage fee: 8p per mile

Extras: There is a £99 finance facility fee and the optional final payment requires a £148 option-to purchase fee. £500 contribution available with test drive.

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Engineer Andy    on 17 December 2016

Some of these PCP deals (esp. the Megane) are FAR more expensive than those currently (and have been for some time now) offered by the 'fleet buy' car brokers - for example, the Megane shown here is offered at £13,500 on such a site (best offer) at a whopping 32% off the list price. £18k (even if you can secure a dealer discount, it's likely to not be £4.5k) vs. £13.5k - its a no-brainer, as long as the broker is reputable. And of course, no mileage excess fees - its just a straight purchase.

Whether such deals will start to disappear in the new year as the effects of the drop in the £ are felt, who knows, though I'm sure many manufacturers will still be very keen to sell before the large scale VED changes for newly-registered vehicles comes into effect in March/April 2017.

Tim Hancock    on 18 February 2018

8p a mile after only 6,000 miles eh !. So they want you to pay £2.5k upfront and £240 a month to provide them with a space to park a car. They certainly son't seem to want you to drive it !

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