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Mercedes-Benz GL-Class 2006 Road Test

Sat, 01 Jul 2006

GL320 CDI: 0-60 9.5 seconds; top speed 131mph; 9.9 l/100km 28.2mpg combined; CO2 261 g/km. EU4. IG TBA.

GL420 CDI: 0-60 7.3 seconds; top speed 144h; 11.6 l/100km 23.9mpg combined; CO2 307g/km. EU4. IG TBA.

GL450: 0-60 6.9 seconds; top speed 147mph; 13.3 l/100km 21.22mpg combined; CO2 TBA/km. EU4. IG TBA.

GL500: 0-60 6.3 seconds; top speed 150mph; 13.39 l/100km 20.0mpg combined; CO2 331/km. EU4. IG TBA.


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