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Range Rover Evoque At A Glance

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The Range Rover Evoque is not a cheap car, costing a shade more than most of its rivals. However, for style-conscious buyers - which SUV customers most certainly are - the glamorous Evoque might well be the only choice.

+Looks fabulous inside and out, loads of luxury equipment provided, nice to drive in every way.

-Pricey compared with rivals, efficiency figures aren’t that great by comparison, Land Rover’s reliability record has to be a worry.

New prices start from £36,015
Insurance Groups are between 30–39
On average it achieves 0% of the official MPG figure

The Range Rover Evoque has always been one of the most stylish cars in its class, and when style is the very reason that most people buy SUVs, that really counts for a lot. However, the latest version now has the substance to back up the style. Not only is it great to look at inside and out, it’s comfortable and enjoyable to drive, practical enough for a small family, and comes rammed with luxury equipment. Now the car it arguably always should’ve been.

There’s something to be said for making an entrance, and when the first Evoque came along in 2011, it certainly did that.

The small premium SUV craze had yet to take off at quite the same stratospheric rate as it has done since, primarily because the offerings of the day - including the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 - looked rather dowdy and awkward, resembling jacked-up hatchbacks rather than scaled-down off-roaders. So, when the Evoque rocked up, it was a complete revelation.

Among the awkwardness, there was suddenly elegance. The bold, angular details and crisp lines of the Evoque made it stand out a mile against pretty much any car, let alone the humdrum competition, and pretty much anyone who gave a hoot about cars at that time wanted one for that reason alone.

In truth, it wasn’t that brilliant a car in a lot of other ways, but it’s jaw-dropping looks ensured it was an enormous success nonetheless.

Fast-forward to 2019. Small SUVs - prestige or otherwise - are all the rage. The competition from Audi and BMW has seriously upped its game, in terms of its styling and in a whole host of other areas, and the popularity of this type of car means that there are more contenders than ever before.

That means the second-generation Evoque really has its work cut out in keeping the affection of a spoiled-for-choice public.

It’s just as well, then, that the latest Evoque is an absolute cracker of a car. The competition may have upped its game, but don’t go thinking that Land Rover has rested on its laurels.

The first big improvement comes in the form of the driving experience. Where the first Evoque was rather lacklustre on both ride and handling, the latest car rides with a plushness to match most other cars in the class, and also deals with corners in an impressively secure and controlled way.

Big strides have also been made on refinement, with quieter, smoother engines and really good suppression of exterior noises. Practicality was once a weak, point, too, and again, the Evoque now has what it takes on that score to match most rivals, with a roomy cabin and a very decent booth.

Quality has also been kicked up a notch, with really impressive cabin materials, and on SE trim and above, a cool-looking twin-touchscreen arrangement for the centre console adds a real touch of glamour. What’s more, most versions come with all the luxury and safety kit you need.

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Ask Honest John

Should I used DPF cleaner?

"I have a 2018 Range Rover Evoque 2.0-litre diesel. I do mixed driving and wonder if putting some DPF cleaner would help any possible build up of carbon. I have had no problems to date."
DPF cleaner will help reduce make it easier for the car to remove its own blockages. However if you've not had any issues so far it's because you're doing the longer journeys needed to clean the DPF. Therefore it's worth considering for prevention of future problems, but not essential.
Answered by Lawrence Allan

Our new car keeps getting delayed. What can we do?

"In February, we purchased a new Range Rover Evoque from a dealer and outlined that we needed a car by June 18th as our current company car would be going back and this new order was our personal replacement. We agreed to a deal for delivery and signed. The car arrived (so we were told) in April and it was not what we ordered. On their inspections, it was missing the upgrades we paid for and the model was the lower spec, so we declined the car as it’s not what we ordered. We spoke to the dealer and they agreed to rebuild for June/July as there was one on the line that they could work on. We agreed, but on the grounds that a loan car was made available to us if they could not meet our needs as of 18th June. We also asked if any suitable alternatives were available in stock now to renegotiate a deal and they said no. Three weeks ago we were told the car was delayed till July but a loan would be available for us. However, each time they would call us about the loan car despite us asking for it in writing. Yesterday, we got a phone call to say our car is delayed again with no set delivery time frame due to ongoing issues in the industry. They said we can have a loan car now but Land Rover want us to pay the full monthly car lease agreement price that we agreed for our new car for the loan car. At no point has anyone said we would have to pay for this as I see it as their mistake. Do we have any rights? In addition to this, as I use my car for work, I need business insurance in my name for expenses and legal purposes. I’ve said the loan car's insurance policy must cover this but as it won’t be in my name I’m going to lose £200 expenses each month whilst we are waiting. In 18 days I'll have no car and can’t exactly go and buy one now."
Delivery dates frequently get pushed back and it's a particular issue at the moment – with Covid, Brexit and a global semiconductor shortage, there are a lot of new cars currently being delayed. Unfortunately, there's not a great deal you can do – particularly as you haven't got everything in writing (it's almost like they deliberately phoned you rather than emailed...). We'd recommend speaking directly to Land Rover customer services. They'll be in a better position to explain why the car's been delayed and offering a gesture of goodwill to put things right. If you do wish to cancel, check the terms and conditions of the contract you signed when you placed the order. You'll probably find that there isn't a set delivery date in there for this reason – but if there is, and it's now been delayed beyond that, you'll be in a good position to get a refund. If you can get out of the deal, you might find that there's a car in stock elsewhere that meets your requirements. There's a lot of demand for cars at the moment, though, so don't rely on this.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Should I get a new car on finance or buy a used car?

"Is now the time to buy a new car on PCP or should I buy secondhand? I currently drive a Range Rover Evoque, which is on a PCP ending in July. The car has only done 10,000 miles in total. The agreement was taken out on 10,000 miles per year. I've spoken to Land Rover and there is no equity in my current car, which is very disappointing."
First of all, consider approaching a car buying service or other dealers about your Evoque. Dealers are struggling to find good stock, so you might find someone willing to pay a premium. They'll settle the finance and give you any leftover funds, which you're then free to put towards your next vehicle. Now isn't a bad time to buy a car on PCP, but it depends a lot on your personal circumstances and how many miles you expect to cover post-lockdown. Are you likely to work from home more, or will your mileage increase dramatically after lockdown? Is your job safe enough to commit to a PCP? If you're confident that your job is safe and you expect your mileage to increase when things return to normal, a PCP is probably the way forward. Otherwise, consider a used car.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Could you suggest a small, comfortable crossover?

"I’m 72 and have a 2013 Honda CR-V petrol automatic. I love the car, especially the fully adjustable driver’s seat as I have a bad back. However, I have to park on the road and I really need a smaller SUV with the same amount of tech and comfort as my CR-V. I would appreciate any suggestions."
If budget allows, you could look at something smaller but more premium like a Volvo XC40, Lexus UX or Range Rover Evoque. Alternatively, we'd recommend a Volkswagen T-Cross or Honda HR-V.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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