Product Awards 2017: The winners

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Honest John Product of the Year: Sat Nav

Mio Drive 50LM

  • RRP:  £199.99

The Mio Drive 50LM bundles loads of great, useful features into a system that’s more affordable than its rivals.

It features European mapping and a high definition dash camera, plus it has speed camera warnings and even provides lane departure warning and front collision alerts – which is why we think it’s the best value sat nav on sale right now.

You can also upgrade to a 55LM to gain higher resolution video and Bluetooth handsfree, plus there are 60 versions which have larger screens.

Watch us test the slightly larger 55LM on video


dombat    on 22 May 2017

With this and any other dashcam ensure you get a decent card, and that doesn't mean stick with brands you have heard of. Transcend 32GB High Endurance is still only around £18 and very highly rated by a lot of dashcam people. Cheap (or fake) cards will make the dashcam freeze and you won't even know about it - this includes lots of well known brands. Don't go by brand name alone!

dombat    on 22 May 2017

and this comment is for the dashcam at #2!

Anne Hamilton    on 22 May 2017

I agree with dombat's comment about dashcam no 2. I have had the same problem on more than one occasion and I was NOT happy about it

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