Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (2018 on)


1.5 Petrol 6 speed manual

reviewed by Anonymous on 13 August 2019
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Difficult to control

Had this car as a courtesy car from a local dealer. The main issue with it was the throttle, it's very hard to modulate in low speed traffic. Slight press on the pedal (like 5mm)- nothing, slightly harder (like 10mm) and it's wildly revving to over 3000rpm. Now I'm OK with free revving engines, but there has to be some level of progression from the pedal feel, and this car was like an on-off switch. Just while idling the engine speed is up and down like a fiddlers elbow while the air con cuts in and out, something that other manufacturers have ironed out years ago.

Once upto speed the engine is more settled and quite refined and it kind of handles OK.

Other bugbears - the Head up display is not very heads up, one is still looking down at it. That bar across the rear screen is really annoying. Also the rear wiper wipes the wrong way, so that what you've just wiped, runs down the screen again - so you're constantly wiping without ever getting a clear rear screen.

Also the Rockford Fosgate branded stereo system sounds no better than the basic unit in our 2002 Toyota Avensis.

Overall a bit pointless as there's better cars for the money - like a Mazda CX-5.

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Road TaxG–H
MPG36.7–42.8 mpg
Real MPG80.0%

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