Ford S-MAX (2015 on)


2.0 TDCi 180 Titanium Powershift 5dr

reviewed by Anonymous on 14 November 2019
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Fantastically capable load lugger

Bought new in July 2018, extras were the X pack, upgraded stereo, front/rear cameras, heated steering wheel and park assist.

Its been totally faultless, no glitches, no problems, just serene and comfortable journeys wherever I need to go. The car really rides so well and is very quiet. We test drove everything in its price bracket from Mercs to Citroens and this was the comfiest, the Kodiaq came second. We have used it to move house with my Son and filled it with flatpack from Ikea, all done without complaint. As an MPV there is loads of storage options everywhere. The Sony upgraded 12 speaker stereo is awesome. The front tyres lasted 27,000 miles, rears still loads left. I average 43mpg and see 48mpg on longer journeys on std diesel. I am very sad to see Ford is scrapping it as MPV's are so unpopular, I was planning to buy another in 2021 but might be too late.

LED adaptive lights are awesome
Space space and more space
Good handling without the crashing drive of hard suspension or rubberband wheels
Very comfortable
Heated windscreen and steering wheel - every car should come with these as standard!
Dog loves the wee net thingy fitted to the bootlid, she rests her head on it while travelling.

Never used the park assist, so could've saved some money
Front camera is a bit useless
Options lists were annoying, you couldn't have a rear camera without buying the front camera and you can't have the front camera unless you buy the stereo, so £900 for the lot. Crazy.

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reviewed by Charlie Mortlock on 21 June 2018
reviewed by franners on 14 June 2016

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Road TaxD–I
MPG35.8–56.5 mpg
Real MPG75.6%

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