BMW M5 (2011 - 2017)



reviewed by Oods on 1 June 2023
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Superb, but not what I hoped

In 2 years of ownership the car only a touch door handle failed (common) but new disks and pads were looming (very expensive).

If you read the forums, there is plenty of fearmongering about the engine.

I gently warmed the car before any acceleration and didn't drive particularly fast, in my time I didn't get any problems and everything was like a new car (40-50k miles).

Consumables...brakes and tyres lasted a huge time (I assume they were made for much harder use) and I got about 27mpg average, but never more than 30mpg.

None of this changed the fast that I always felt I was sitting in a looming liability, and I drove with a warranty. I would not touch an M5 that had anything but perfect history and proof it had not been launched or tracked. Those sort of activities could put a years age on the drivetrain in a day.

It was a wonderful ride, amazing brakes, quiet and well equipped. The engine note is like a washing machine, and the car was heavy and ponderous at times.

It was also absurdly fast, so much so that it was all a bit pointless. It was easy to get into go-to-jail speed territory just with a stab of your foot.

Overall it was a ridiculously fast grand tourer, not really a fun sports car. I can't dislike it, it was 'cheap' to run, I made money on reverse depreciation, but I never fell in love with it.

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reviewed by Anonymous on 20 December 2022

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Road TaxL
MPG28.5 mpg
Real MPG74.8%

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