BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo (2017 - 2019)


630d 4 Door 3.0 xDrive M Sport Auto 5dr

reviewed by Anonymous on 17 April 2024
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Comfortable drive and spacious interior but electronic niggles and poor dealership service

At 5.1 metres length this is a big comfortable car which has effortless performance and great for motorway cruising. In theory it will manage 0-62 mph in 5.9 seconds but on UK roads that has never been tested. At all times it feels secure to drive and the acceleration is quick and effortless.

At 610 litres the boot is good for holiday trips carrying 2 sets of gold clubs and the luggage for 4 adults easily. The back seat will comfortably seat 3 adults and the front seats comfortably secure my 6ft 3 frame with lots of electronic seat adjustment and space for an adult to sit comfortably behind me.

Handling is good and always secure. The 4wd makes it feel secure even in wet conditions and the traction is gives on acceleration is impressive. Fuel economy averages 39.3 mpg but a lot of my driving is to and from the golf club (4 miles) in town. Rear view is limited because of the low sloping tail and three big headrests but otherwise visibility is good. Cruising on the motorway can achieve 50+mpg

With the rear seat flat, my golf buggy (over 6 ft long) can be easily stored along with a set of clubs and several cases. It is a huge space but the sloping rear limits the height size of long objects.

Minor electrical faults include the driver's door window not closing properly and needing to be shut manually. The rear spoiler does not work but that is academic on UK roads because it is only supposed to deploy at over75mph. The dealership support has been poor and these faults should have corrected under warranty when notified just before the first Covid Lockdown. The dealership never followed up on the warranty work once lockdown ceased. Safety recalls for the exhaust gas regulator involve significant delays before the work can be done (5 months)

A good car but spoiled by poor dealership service from BMW

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Road TaxD–J
MPG34.4–58.8 mpg
Real MPG83.3%

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