Our Cars: Suzuki Baleno 1.0 BoosterJet

It's time to say goodbye to the Suzuki Baleno. Dan's bank account is going to miss you.
With a weekend away booked, Dan gives the Baleno a long overdue clean with the Sealey PW2500 pressure washer.
Fuel prices might be going up, but none of that matters when you drive a Suzuki Baleno.
It's been a busy few weeks for Dan and the Baleno, but the winter grime is getting to him and his car.
Are winter tyres worth the extra money? Dan finds out by fitting a set of Hankooks to the Baleno.
It might be small in stature, but the Baleno has plenty of interior space and will easily carry four large adults.
Suzuki Baleno gets ready for the cold months with a set of winter tyres. How will they impact economy and the handling?
It might be small in stature, but the Baleno is might when it comes to saving the pennies on fuel.
With a few weeks of motorway miles under his belt, Dan assesses the Baleno's potential as a long distance cruiser.
If you're looking for a cheap car, with lots of kit and affordable running costs, the Baleno is the way to go, says Dan.
The Suzuki Baleno’s value for money and low running costs are impressing Dan, but some built quality concerns are causing a worry.
Suzuki’s small yet practical hatchback has attracted a wave of praise since its launch. We put one to test for six months to see if it’s as good as everyone claims.

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