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29 June 2016: Papers please...

The Details

Current mileage 7223
Claimed economy 47.9mpg
Actual economy 40.6mpg

First off, I don't want these updates to feel as though I am disappointed with the Pulsar. Far from it. It really does drive nicely, in fact it's extremely nimble and fun to drive, and nice to be in. That's mostly down to its quality interior and the 190PS it produces, which make it so comfortable to be in and fun to zip around corners.

It comes at a cost though and currently the car states I’m getting 40.6mpg, but I have to say that I feel at the moment I'm constantly standing on the forecourt of a petrol station filling up before pretty much every journey.

Im running my own fuel test on this, so after a few more fill ups I will be able to update the real mpg on the Pulsar and get back to you. Nissan quotes 47.9mpg but I really doubt I’m getting anywhere near this.

The other thing to mention is that it will set you back a further £2000 to get the 1.6 over the more than adequate 1.2 engine. But having said that, it's great to drive and there's no such thing as a cheap hot hatch, if that's what the Nissan aims to be.

Nissan Pulsar Front Dusk

               Matt is enjoying the Nissan's performance, but not the annoying keyless start

Having mentioned the tech that's in the Pulsar Tekna, this car obviously comes without a key and is reliant on detecting the electronic keyless ignition utilising a start button. The problem is that over the last month the Pulsar has failed to detect the key leaving me to repeatedly press the start stop button to no avail.

It's again an example of needless tech that, when it goes wrong, really does leave you with no ability to do anything. Worse is the fact that this isn't the same as losing your car keys. It just wont let you start the car and worse still is the message displayed simply states that the key ID is incorrect. That means that it has detected something, but what it has detected isn't the correct key.

Eventually it realises its error and lets you start the car but on one occasion the only process I could use was to get out and in repeatedly locking and unlocking before it decided that actually I did have the correct key. The key that allows me to happily lock and unlock...

You don't have this problem with a traditional key and here’s another example of placing yet another thing in the car to ultimately go wrong which presumably costs more in the first place. Personally I’d rather have a key, but I suppose Nissan felt that because this is the Tekna, it would be a backward step to just have a key in a car full of tech.

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29 June 2016: Papers please...
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