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Our Cars: Nissan Pulsar

27 July 2016: 360 cat cam in the Pulsar

The Details

Current mileage 8528 miles
Claimed economy 47.9mpg
Actual economy 40.1mpg

We've established that the Pulsar DIG-T 190 is full of tech and one of the things I haven't mentioned are the cameras on this car. Which is strange as a I'm a photographer obsessed with photography. The problem is, there doesn't really seem to be a reason for them and so I've so far failed to understand their point.

To a certain extent, I still don't understand the point. The car has four cameras, one on the underside of each door mirror and one on the front and back. I understand the rear camera, it's a simple reversing camera but also shows trajectories according to the turning aspect of the front wheels, handy for tight parking spots.

You can also toggle the views, so the wing mirror cameras show a side view of the car and obviously the front camera shows the view ahead of the car. What’s quite clever here is that there's also a split screen view which combines all four cameras into one aerial view from above the car with a generated image of the car in the middle.

This is Nissan's 360 view. It's like a bird's eye view from above you, looking down on the car and more importantly, your surroundings. It really is very clever but of course it is a simulation rather than the real thing.

Nissan Pulsar Parked

                           Matt is able to see just how close to this grass verge he is...

Coupled with parking sensors, the 360 view should even make those people who really don't like parking a bit more confident. However it does concern me that some may spend more time looking at the screen rather than the job at hand.

The Pulsar doesn't have the automated reverse parking system that some of its competitors have like the Focus and Golf. In fairness, I have tried those and never used them again preferring to do the job myself. So in a way I prefer an aid rather than the car taking matters into its own hands. So this camera system gets the thumbs up from me.

My only criticism would have to be that in this day and age the cameras in the Pulsar seem to be quite poor quality. Nowadays we’re used to retina displays and even 4k but I don't think these are even HD which in a way already makes them look dated.

The front camera cuts back out after approximately 10 miles an hour to stop you looking at it while driving. But its really useful when parking up close to a wall and on a couple of occasions when pulling onto the driveway its even saved our cat Ginger’s life…

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