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Our Cars: DS 4 Crossback BlueHDi 120

We were excited when our DS 4 Crossback arrived six months ago but sadly it's not quite met expectations. Here's the good and bad.
DS may like to promote itself as a premium brand but the quality and feel of the DS 4 interior doesn't reflect that sadly.
PSA has taken the bold step of publishing its own real-world MPG figures for 58 cars - including the DS 4. So how realistic are they?
We went for an HDi diesel in our DS4 Crossback but after driving the Puretech petrol version we think we may have made the wrong choice...
Our DS4 likes to contact people. When you're not quite expecting it. Which can lead to some unintentional phone conversations...
There's a new model on the way - the DS 7 Crossback - and it looks like DS could finally have the car the brand so desperately needs.
Our DS 4 Crossback claims average fuel economy of 72.4mpg but we're not seeing anywhere near that. And we're not alone it seems...
While Peugeot has gone for small steering wheels, it seems DS has decided to do the opposite...
The DS 4 Crossback is proving something of a mixed bag. So surely the famous French ride quality will come to the rescue?
It may look all coupe-esque but that does lead to problems when it comes to rear visibility in our DS4 Crossback.
The design of the rear doors on the DS 4 is not exactly user-friendly. As we keep finding out...
The DS 4 Crossback is with us for six months as a sort of faux crossover. But how will it cope with everyday family life?

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