Young Marmalade, a company specialising in insurance for young drivers, has launched its new ‘Intelligent Marmalade’ system, which is designed to reduce young driver insurance premiums by monitoring driving behaviour and improving safety skills.

Drivers who take out an Intelligent Marmalade policy will have an ‘Ingenium Dynamics’ box installed in their car. This box monitors driving behaviour by detecting acceleration, G-forces speed and other factors, and then offers advice on how to improve safety and reduce fuel consumption.

The feedback from the system is presented to the driver, the driver’s parents and the insurer, and if a dangerous habit is identified then it can be rectified by the driver.

If the driver fails to improve their driving habits then an additional premium may be charged and the policy could even be cancelled, so it gives an incentive to drive safely. The system means that Young Marmalade can ensure policy holders drive well, and so it means a reduced premium.

On top of that, drivers who show considerable improvement are in with a chance of winning a £100 monthly ‘most improved driver’ prize.

"Youngsters may initially be wary of Intelligent Marmalade because it could be seen as a spying eye - a sort of 'black box' which records their every move in the car. Sensible young people though soon realise the benefits of using the system in reducing their risk assessment as far as insurance policies go," says Young Marmalade founder, Nick Moger.

Young Marmalade predicts that fewer than 6% of drivers using the Intelligent Marmalade system will have an accident in their first year, compared to the 20% average.

Intelligent Marmalade is available from Young Marmalade now

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