New tool maker, called Stag, launches in the UK

Published 08 January 2015

Car care company Tetrosyl, which produces well-known products like T-Cut, CarPlan and Carlube, has launched a new car tool company called Stag.

Stag Tools have been developed for automotive and DIY users. The range includes more than 200 products, including screwdrivers, socket sets, spanners, saws, axle stands, braces and jacks – all finished in eye-catching orange.

Marium Ali, Group Marketing Director at Tetrosyl, says: “Never before has it been possible to buy tools engineered and manufactured to such a high standard at such an attractive price.”

Tetrosyl owns the Motorworld chain of motor factors and is a British-owned company, employing 1500 people across the UK. 


Harrovian    on 16 February 2015

More imported, most likely Chinese tools, what a pity almost all our own manufacturers have gone or off shored manufacture, we do still have King Dick who make some tools here, but no one else really.

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