Skoda launches Powerpass app giving access to 500,000 EV chargers

Skoda has launched a clever new app that gives its electric car owners access to more than half a million public charging points across the UK and Europe.

Called Powerpass, it allows Skoda Enyaq owners to directly access electric car charging points without worrying about the different sign-ups and memberships required for the various EV charging providers.

The Powerpass app has user-friendly map accessible on both the Enyaq's infotainment screen and the app itself. This map details public charger locations and provides information such as operating hours, availability, maximum charging power and most importantly, prices.

Owners can opt for three tiers of Powerpass membership: Charge Free, Simply Charge, and Charge Faster. The Charge Free tier incurs no monthly fee, catering to drivers who infrequently use public charging points.

Simply Charge, at a monthly fee of £4.99, offers reduced rates for most public AC and DC chargers, excluding the IONITY network.

For regular users of public charging stations, including IONITY chargers, the Charge Faster tier, priced at £13.99 per month, offers reduced rates across a wide network of chargers.

Getting started with Powerpass involves selecting a membership package, pairing the car to the Powerpass app using the vehicle’s VIN number and receiving the Powerpass card from Škoda.

Subsequent charging can be initiated via the app or Powerpass card, with payment seamlessly managed through the app. Users can also monitor their car's battery level and access their charging and payment history through the app.

To assist drivers in locating compatible chargers, both the in-car navigation system and Powerpass app display non-Powerpass charging points, distinctly marked for easy differentiation. This feature ensures users always find the nearest compatible charger when needed.

Skoda has also updated the Skoda Enyaq for the 2024 model year, enhancing power, range and charging speeds. The Enyaq 60 now boasts a WLTP combined range of 249 miles, while the vRS model offers up to 340 miles.

Additionally, the 85x and vRS variants come equipped with faster DC rapid charging capabilities, allowing both all-wheel drive models to charge at a maximum of 175 kW when connected to suitable rapid DC charge points - an increase of 40 kW from previous models.

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