Dyson scraps electric car project

Published 10 October 2019

Dyson, the British vacuum company, has reportedly given up on plans to build an electric car.

In 2017, Dyson committed to spending £1 billion on developing battery technology to power the new EV, with a further £1 billion set aside on designing the prototype. 

It's thought that some 500 people had already begun research and development work on the car, with prototypes thought to be in the early stages of testing. 

However, according to a report by the BBC, Sir James Dyson has sent an email to employees this week saying the car was not "commercially viable" and the company had failed to find a buyer for the project.

Dyson's EV project was led by former Aston Martin chief engineer Ian Minards, who joined the vacuum company in 2016 as vice president. 

Patent images (pictured above and below) were released in May 2019, suggesting a crossover design and a solid-state battery that would charge faster and last longer than lithium-ion units commonly used in EVs.

In the statement released to the BBC, Dyson said: "The automotive team has developed a fantastic car; they have been ingenious in their approach while remaining faithful to our philosophies. We have tried very hard throughout the development process, we simply can no longer see a way to make it commercially viable.”

In the email circulated to employees, Sir James Dyson confirmed that the EV car development facilities in the UK and Singapore would be closed. It isn't clear if the project closure will results in job losses in the UK. 

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John of Gloster    on 14 October 2019

Not "commercially viable"...

Now, there's a surprise.

POB123    on 14 October 2019

I'm not surprised - I don't think that EV's wil be the future, probably better looking at hydrogen fuel cells which don't have the drawbacks that EV's have. We need to get the infrastructure in place for hydrogen refuelling and I don't see the Government doing anything in this regard.

Edited by POB123 on 14/10/2019 at 16:01

beufighter    on 14 October 2019


'Nothing sucks'. Like a 'Dyson'.

Anthony Rice    on 14 October 2019

No great loss to UK as Dyson is hardly supporting by moving his H Q to Malaysia and then the final blow of saying manufacture of his car would not be in UK but the Far East, so he doesn't deserve our support or sympathy.

ROGER FURNEAUX    on 14 October 2019

Was I the only one to think that Honda's pulling out of car making in Swindon presented Dyson with the perfect opportunity to have his car made in England? And as for investors, surely he could have followed the Elon Musk/Tesla model of starting out self-financing to get the car in the public eye, then inviting more investment for expansion once it was up and running?
And as for EVs not being the future, well BP for one are investing heavily in charging points NOW, and soon every petrol station will have one. Hydrogen, despite its advantages, it NOT likely to catch on, except in as few areas.

Engineer Andy    on 16 October 2019

Go look up how much debt Tesla has first.

VINCENT MILLARD    on 15 October 2019

Hydrogen can actually power existing internal combustion engines, with some Mods.
Yes the ware is higher but it can be done, as for safety, hydrogen and it's containment systems, is safer than using Petrol as the Petrol fumes are as highly combustible as Hydrogen and heavier, thus meaning a Petrol spill stays low near to ignition sources.
Don't forget we have the Rail companies going over to Hydrogen power.

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