Tesla Model 3 priced from £38,900

Published 01 May 2019

Tesla has opened UK orders for its new entry-level electric car, the Model 3 - with prices starting at £38,900 and deliveries expected from June 2019.

Described by the manufacturer as "the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle", the Tesla Model 3 is available in three different variants, with a range of up to 348 miles.

With its sub-£40,000 price tag, the Standard Range Plus can cover up to 258 miles under electric power. The rear-wheel-drive model reaches 60mph in 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 140mph.

With two electric motors, the all-wheel-drive Long Range version starts at £47,050 and can achieve the 348 mile headline figure, according to official WLTP tests. It'll sprint from 0 to 60mph in 4.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 145mph.

The range-topping Performance model is priced from £56,050 and accelerates to 60mph in 3.2 seconds. Top speed is 162mph.

Tesla's Autopilot feature is standard on all models, allowing the car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically under driver supervision. Like with other Teslas, the Model 3 will continue to receive updates with new features and added functionality over time.

The Standard Range Plus model comes with what Tesla describes as 'Partial Premium Interior', featuring 12-way power adjustable heated front seats, premium seat material and trim, a premium audio system, navigation, and LED fog lights.

The Premium Interior package - standard on Long Range and Performance models - adds satellite-view maps with live traffic visualisation, premium audio with 14 speakers, in-car internet streaming music & media, internet browser and a location-aware automatic garage door opener.

Buyers can choose from five colour choices, with solid black included as standard. Metallic Midnight Silver or Deep Blue are available for £950, while Multi Coat Red and Pearl While will cost £1900. Standard Range Plus and Long Range models come with 18-inch alloy wheels, while 19-inch wheels are available as a £1450 option. The Model 3 Performance comes with 20-inch wheels.

As with other Tesla models, drivers will have access to the firm's global Supercharger charging network. Reserved exclusively for Tesla owners, this provides access to 440 Supercharger locations (and 3600 Superchargers) across Europe.

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Engineer Andy    on 1 May 2019

'Just' £39k? 'So' mass market.

mmmmm    on 1 May 2019

'Just' £39k? 'So' mass market.

Not including UK subsidy of £3500 and in any case, given the clear interest, generally favourable reviews, only subjective as to the "so" mass market label. As production increases and initial demand is satisfied, prices will reduce.

Edited by mmmmm on 01/05/2019 at 22:28

Engineer Andy    on 2 May 2019

Tesla tried to increase production, at the expense, it seems, of build quality and after sales care. Where's the money coming from? They just made another huge quarterly loss.

gavsmit    on 2 May 2019

I know this is a Tesla with a decent range and storming performance but until someone makes an electric car with 300 mile range, adequate performance, realistic servicing costs, no intrusive automation / snooping software and a similar price tag as a fossil fuel equivalent, then I'm not going to make the change to electric.

I'm also worried about spending such a huge amount of money on something that could become 'obsolete' in just a few years time, in the same way as what happens with computers.

Even taking into account all the financial positives for owning an electric car at this point in time (which will no doubt dramatically reduce with political interference), it's still way too expensive for me to consider an electric car.

Engineer Andy    on 2 May 2019

Apparently some people owning Teslas for longer than the warranty period or buying them after it ends have found that its VERY difficult (in the extreme) to get them serviced and parts. No media confirmation though, just reports from people in YT, so take it with a decent pinch of salt.

I suspect, if it's true, that the issues come with Tesla not being able to cope with building spare parts for older models no longer in general production because they are trying to ramp up production of their current vehicles and with limited funds - something has to give.

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