Hyundai unveils i20 Coupe

Published 10 December 2014

Set to one side the cynicism you may feel about the juxtaposition of 'i20' and 'coupé', because Hyundai’s brand new i20 may, possibly, justify the c-word.

The all-new Hyundai i20 Coupe, shown for the first time in production form today, is visually differentiated from its recently revealed five-door equivalent - a methodology favoured by sister company Kia with the Cee'd and Pro_cee'd pair.

Hyundai says that the new i20 Coupe's dynamic exterior and striking interior design are intended to attract "young, lifestyle-oriented consumers."

The most striking difference is the rear three-quarter area, which features a prominent metal crease over the wheel arch, while the rear pillar has a far shorter contrasting black section than the five-door, to emphasise the lower roof line.

Hyundai says that all three of the roof pillars are markedly different, to give the car a sleeker profile, while a racy new colour, Tangerine Orange, will be exclusive to the Coupe. Despite the sportiness, Hyundai claims a best-in-class boot capacity of 336 litres – ten litres more than the outgoing i20.

The engine choice is four-fold, split 50/50 petrol to diesel. Diesel engines with 1.1 or 1.4-litre capacities generate 75PS and 90PS respectively, while a 1.25-litre petrol unit develops 84PS, and a 100PS 1.4-litre petrol provides the most power an i20 can have, for now at least. A 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol unit is on its way in 2015.

That last engine is the only one available with an automatic transmission. A six-speed manual is standard.

Both the five-door hatchback and three-door Coupe versions of the Hyundai i20 are due on sale in the UK early in 2015, and although Hyundai is yet to announce prices, expect a recommended starting point around the £11,000 mark. 

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ianpark    on 15 December 2014

Well to me it doesn't look half bad it's not a bad idea really when you consider that due to it's relatively low performance insurance should be quite wallet friendly. I would think that actual buyers will not be in Hyundai's chosen sector of the market, but somewhat older people who value the company's well deserved reputation for quality and value but would something that appears much more sporty

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