Wheeler Dealers back on the box next Monday

Published 01 January 2019

Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead are back again with a fresh series of Wheeler Dealers, staring on Discovery Channel on Monday 7th January at 9pm.

Despite being based in California, the new series features some popular British classics.

Firstly, a Ford Capri, in this case one we exported to the USA: a 1976 Mercury Capri with the fuel-injected 2.8V6 Cologne engine.

Secondly, a 1991 Lotus Elan M100: the late Isuzu engined front-wheel drive version that set new standards of handling for a front-wheel drive car.

They also find a rare 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R station wagon (remember the Volvo estates in the BTCC?) But this one need some serious work by Ant.

Projects also include:

1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo

2002 Corvette C5 Z06

1991 Alfa Romeo 164L

1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI

2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10

The channel numbers for the show are Sky 125,  Virgin 250, BT TV 322 and Amazon Prime.


GnosticBrian    on 2 January 2019

Not the same without Ed China.

De Sisti    on 3 January 2019

I lose interest if they're working on an American car.

WillZander    on 5 January 2019

Not the same without Ed China.

Agreed, I learnt loads of stuff from him.

Contax139    on 5 January 2019

Really enjoyed watching it especially with Ed China and prefer it with British vehicles.

IanProc    on 7 January 2019

Not the same and nowhere near as interesting after they left the UK and went to the USA. There are so many TV shows doing up cars in the USA, it was really good to see a show doing European Cars set in the UK. Plus Ed China was at the heart of the show.

s heathcote    on 7 January 2019

I wont be watching this new series the old format with ed china was better, I also prefer it with British vehicles .

Peter Hobbs    on 9 January 2019

Edd was the mainstay of WD and he left the show on principle due to the way American production companies turned the show into a circus, as with most US car shows which are just reality b*****.

glidermania    on 11 January 2019

I watch every season and show when Edd China did the mechanical work but stopped watching when brewer stabbed Edd in the back.

It probably gets lots of viewers in the US but suspect rating have bombed in the UK since brewer's treachery.

   on 19 February 2019

I have watched Wheeler Dealers since the start in 2003.

But I have tried hard but cannot get on with the show since Edd left.

The American setting even with Edd was not ideal, but now with Ant it does not work.

Wheeler Dealers was a UK programme aimed at European cars, and was great with Edd.

Now I just can't be bothered with "its easy, simple" Ant.

If I want American Cars Fast & Loud and Chasing Classic Cars are the best.

I suspect it is all about money and American investment.

But I await Edd returning to our UK screens in the future, "with our cars".

Bring back Edd China to our television screens please.

Ernesto    on 26 February 2019

Come back Edd China i will not watch the show unless Edd is in it dont like this new guy who's taken his place its just not the same

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