Tamper-Proof Centralised Digital Service Records Add to Value of Used Mazdas.

Published 15 November 2013

Mazda's Centralised Digital Service Record (DSR), first introduced in 2005, is adding value to used Mazdas.

"It not only helps loyalty because customers return to their local Mazda dealer for services, it also helps dealers sell new cars because it gives them a valid reason to contact customers who have missed a service or gone to an independent outlet," explained Mazda UK Aftersales Director David Wilson-Green candidly.

"It gives dealers specific information on how to keep their customers. If a customer has been elsewhere for a service, a franchised dealer can speak to the customer to find out why and work to get them back into the network," said Wilson-Green, adding that independent garages, including companies like Halfords, can register to use the Mazda DSR system allowing full service histories to be maintained.

Since cars serviced by a franchised dealer are worth more on the used market - and dealers will pay more for such a car - it makes commercial sense for customers to use a franchised dealer.

Not only that, Mazda's 168 strong UK network will match the price of any like for like service offered by an independent garage under its ‘service price promise' deal for customers.

Another major bonus with DSR is that it prevents mileage manipulation in the used car market because repairers log the mileage at each visit throughout the life of the car.

It also provides repairers with a complete picture of what has been done and what needs to be done, including the use of extended service parts which are not always documented by traditional service booklets.

Since DSR is centralised and totally secure it allows repairers - franchised and independent - to maintain a complete service history of Mazda vehicles which is available at any time, even if the owner moves house or is on holiday in another European country and needs assistance.

The Digital Service Record is also part of a range of options that are available on the MyMazda App*. Introduced in 2012, the App is available to customers free of charge and allows Mazda owners to review their service history, automatically receive service reminders, request roadside assistance, check and edit their personal and vehicle details, as well as find their nearest Mazda dealership.

* Customers can use their personal access code to download the App which is available on iTunes for iPhones and in Android format for Smart Phones. To download the MyMazda App from the iTunes store please visit: www.apple.com/itunes/ or the Android Playstore: play.google.com/store/search?q=MyMazda+App&hl=en_GB.


Backache    on 17 November 2013

Maybe true, but check your digital record. My Mazda dealer entered the wrong mileage on my service record and caused a major headache. They struggled to offer the most basic apology and their general customer service is poor (took 2 weeks to respond to a phone query that was diverted to an answer machine). My local independent is streets ahead but the digital service record system effectively prevents me using him

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