CAP Predicts Class Leading Residual Values for New Mazda 6

CAP Monitor predicts residual values for the new Mazda 6 comfortably ahead of those for other similarly sized cars.

Residual value predictions for the Mazda6 petrol-engined Saloon range average 31.8 percent, the petrol-engined Tourer 33 percent, the diesel-engined Saloon 31.6 percent and the diesel-engined Tourer 32.7 percent*.

Those forecasts, according to CAP, put the new Mazda6 comfortably ahead in the residual value stakes against the Vauxhall Insignia (average 23 percent), Ford Mondeo (28 percent), Volkswagen Passat (29 percent), Honda Accord (30 percent) and Toyota Avensis (31 percent).

Mazda forecasts that its biggest fleet seller in the range will be the 2.2-litre 150ps SKYACTIV-D Saloon SE-L Nav with a P11D value of £23,140, COemissions at a class-leading 108g/km and combined cycle fuel economy of 67.3mpg. CAP predicts that the model will have a three-year/60,000-mile residual value of £7,475 (32 percent).

CAP analysis reveals that over three-years/60,000 miles the anticipated best-selling model in the new Mazda6 range will depreciate by £15,665 which means it is a better choice for fleet operators than rivals such as the BMW 320d, Audi A4, Toyota Avensis, Honda Accord and Vauxhall Insignia (see chart below).

Mazdatable _081112

The top-selling diesel Tourer in the all-new Mazda6 range is predicted to be the 2.2-litre 150ps SE-L Nav, which has COemissions of 116g/km and combined cycle fuel economy of 64.2mpg. The model, with a P11D value of £23,890, is forecast to have a residual value of £7,975 (33 percent) at three years/60,000 miles.

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dorsetfella    on 10 November 2012

"class leading"? Well I hope so, can't be any worse than the existing dire model, whose appalling residual value hit me very hard four months ago. Decided to jump ship to a 2 year old SEAT Exeo that had taken it's depreciation hit and is far cheaper to run

JimMc    on 11 November 2012

How much did mazda bung you to 'write' this? Not very 'honest' John is it.

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