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Card and Chip Car Hire Launched in Munich

The BMW Group and Sixt AG have officially launched a unique and innovative car sharing venture.

DriveNow is a new type of car sharing that is not dependent on car hire stations, hourly rates, or fixed pick-up or drop-off points. Customers are able to find available vehicles via the internet under www.drive-now.com, via a smartphone app or simply at the roadside. The system is keyless, meaning DriveNow vehicles can be opened and closed using a programme loaded into the chip on their driving licence and activated by pressing a start button. DriveNow’s vehicle offering is exclusively with BMW, offering various BMW 1 Series and MINI models and is charged at 29 euro cents per minute. 

The programme has been launched first in Munich and will launch later in Berlin. Further European cities will be added in the coming years. The long-term plan is to introduce DriveNow on other continents as well. Both the product and the brand have global appeal. By the year 2020, the plan is for DriveNow to have one million members worldwide. 

DriveNow will start off in Munich with approximately 300 BMW 1 Series and MINI vehicles. The resulting vehicle density within the Mittlerer Ring will ensure that customers will usually have no more than 500 metres to walk to the nearest available vehicle. The scheme is due to start up in Berlin with approximately 500 vehicles. 

Easy use

DriveNow is a car sharing scheme that is not dependent on car hire stations. Fixed pick-up and drop-off points are not necessary. Customers can find available vehicles via the internet under www.drive-now.com, via a smartphone app or simply at the roadside. Vehicles can be used immediately without advance reservation or they may be booked in advance via internet or smartphone app. The system is “keyless”: a conventional car key is not necessary. DriveNow vehicles can be opened and closed with the unique programme in the chip on their driving licence and activated by pressing the start button.

Having completed an application under www.drive-now.com, it is then only necessary to carry out a one-off registration at a Sixt station in order to check driving license details and enter the chip onto the driving license. Registration can also be carried out at Sixt stations in selected BMW or MINI branches. 

18 to 21 year-old beginner drivers can also become active DriveNow members if they have already participated successfully in an approved driving safety training course. The BMW Group also offers such training courses. 

Transparent price model 

The DriveNow price model is simple, transparent and all-inclusive. Users pay a one-off registration fee of euro 29. The charge for using vehicles is 29 cents (including sales tax) per minute. This rate per minute covers all costs, including parking fees and fuel. For the MINI Cooper there is a maximum hourly charge of euro 14.90. If the customer wants to interrupt the journey but keep the DriveNow vehicle, it only costs 10 cents per minute. In this way, DriveNow combines the benefits of this innovative mobility concept which does not necessarily involve hire-stations with the functionality of traditional, stationary car sharing. DriveNow is also making special introductory offer for the first 1,000 members. The one-off registration fee is reduced to euro 19 and they also receive 90 minutes free of charge. 

In addition to free parking in public areas in the centre of town, www.drive-now.com will also make spaces available in selected multi-storey car parks as required. 

First-ever car sharing scheme offering premium vehicles 

DriveNow is the first car sharing concept to focus on top class products and services. During the initial phase DriveNow will offer various BMW 1 Series and MINI models. The plan is also to use electric vehicles in the future. Depending on demand, other models can be added to the car sharing fleet flexibly at a later stage. The cars are all premium vehicles with at least four seats, luxury fittings (e.g. parking assistance, air conditioning, heated seats, etc.) and fitted with extremely efficient engines. The cars are all easily recognisable with the DriveNow logo. 

Sixt’s premium service package guarantees extreme flexibility whereby cars can be hired and returned spontaneously. DriveNow stands for seamless procedures and high quality service. manufacturer-independent providers of full-service leasing. 

More at www.drive-now.com


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