Jeep Grand Cherokee (2005 – 2011) Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee (2005 – 2011) At A Glance


+Bold and chunky styling, excellent 3.0 CRD diesel engine, superbly capable off-road, well equipped as standard, good-sized boot, great for towing.

-Overly light steering and bouncy ride, interior let down by some cheap-feeling plastics, not available with seven seats like many other 4x4s.

On average it achieves 88% of the official MPG figure

Jeep has a rich heritage in 4x4s and the Grand Cherokee is its most well known model. Unlike many other modern four-wheel drive cars, it's actually designed to go off-road and is more than capable of tackling very tricky terrain, helped by some advanced 4x4 systems.

It's also powered by some impressive engines, the most popular being the excellent 3.0 CRD that's also used by Mercedes-Benz. This smooth yet strong V6 was made the only engine choice in 2010, when the thirsty V8 petrols were dropped from the line-up.

On road the Grand Cherokee is less impressive however. It doesn't feel very agile, especially when compared with more road-focussed 4x4s such as the Volkswagen Touareg and can seem bulky in town or when trying to park. The steering is very light and lacks feel too, so twisting roads aren't much fun.

It's a good long distance car though, thanks to a comfortable interior and a soft (although often bouncy) ride. There's also plenty of space for four adults and a huge boot, making it a great family car. Interior quality could be better, but add in generous levels of standard equipment and the Grand Cherokee looks a decent buy - although it's a much better option used rather than new.

But perhaps the big fly in the ointment is the Land Rover Discovery. True, it's more expensive and you don't get as much 4x4 for your money, but it feels more upmarket and is far better on the road, as well as being equally immense in the rough stuff.

Real MPG average for a Jeep Grand Cherokee (2005 – 2011)


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Which economical SUV do you recommend to replace my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

"I drive a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I would like something more economical but with a driving seat as high as possible. I can spend about £25,000 plus whatever the Jeep is worth."
I recommend an F25 BMW X3 2.0 diesel, or alternatively the new F34 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo that has an elevated driving position. The best engine is probably the 184PS 2.0d, rather than the 1.8d: Honda CR-V 2.2iDTEC manuals do about 46mpg and the same goes for Mazda CX-5 2.2d Skyactiv models. The 2WD CX-5 handles much better than the 2WD CR-V or RAV4. The Ford Kuga 4WD is good too, but the ride is quite hard. The Volkswagen Tiguan is slightly softer than the Kuga.
Answered by Honest John

Buying a Grand Cherokee diesel - can you help?

"I am considering purchasing a 2006 / 06 Plate Grand Cherokee diesel auto with 66 thousand miles through a dealer asking £7995. This appears to be a good price . I am aware that the V6 is a Mercedes engine. Is there any known problems with this model and anything particular to look out for."
Most commonly fitted to the W211 E Class and here is the dirt on that:
Answered by Honest John

Freelander or Discovery - towing ability.

"We need to replace our old Discovery (terminal MOT failure). Looking at Land Rover's spec's, both diesels are capable of pulling 2000Kg, however my wife feels that even occasionally pulling such a load would be likely to damage the Freelander, but not a Discovery. The higher capital cost of the Discovery over the Freelander is a great incentive to buy the smaller vehicle, and the lower per mile costs equally so, unless it is going to prematurely age the Freelander. Alternatively I could buy an oldish 100k Grand Cherokee and just keep it for towing and the cross country work associated with our country pursuits. "
That final option makes sense. A Disco 3 won't better 30mpg, while a Freelander II will better 40 and an Outlander will do 45. So get something old for the hard work. Have something economical for the distances.
Answered by Honest John

Why can't I get a replacement wing mirror for my Chrysler Grand Cherokee?

"I have a Grand Cherokee jeep in grey, which I bought new last September. Unfortunately, a man in a white van has hit my vehicle and it now needs a new wing mirror on the driver's side. I took it to my local garage who contacted the local Chrysler dealer, who said that they do not have any wing mirrors and are unable to obtain one. I contacted the dealer directly, who said that the supplier has gone bust and they do not know when they will have a new supplier. I have contacted customer services who say that there are none in the UK, USA or Germany, and that I could have a temporary wing mirror fitted. This seems unacceptable to me as they are unable to give any indication of how long I will have to wait for a new mirror. The other driver has offered to pay for the damage he caused but doesn't want to go through his insurance company. Where else could I get a new wing mirror?"
Chrysler parts are currently in a mess, and I don't think that correcting this situation is first priority since the FI takeover. Making the company profitable is. If there are none in the UK, USA or Europe, even secondhand used, then I don't see an answer. But try the used parts finding services in Useful Websites.
Answered by Honest John
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