Jeep Cherokee (2008 – 2011) Review

Jeep Cherokee (2008 – 2011) At A Glance


+Tough and very capable off-road, manual and auto both pull 2,800kg, emissions of 222g/km with manual, leather comes as standard.

-Acceptable but not great on the road, slurry automatic, noisy engine.

Insurance Group 29
On average it achieves 82% of the official MPG figure

Despite at least 65 4x4 SUVs on the UK market, if you want a real off-roader for around £25k, and you need to do certain things, you could find yourself stuck in the mud.

Say, for instance, you have to tow a big twin-axle caravan, or a double horsebox, or a biggish boat, or a sizeable livestock trailer, or a hamburger stand, then you're caught between a stone and a boulder. On the one hand there are any number of SUVs that can tug up to 2,200kg. But they won't be brawny enough.

On the other hand there are the big bruisers from Toyota and Land Rover that can haul 3,500kg. But they're either too crude or too expensive. So you're left with the Kia Sorento and the Nissan Pathfinder. Both good off road. Both capable of tugging at least 2,800kg. Both offered with manual or automatic boxes and decent diesel engines. Both with no charisma.

Back in the 1990s, the Jeep Cherokee used to dominate this middle area of the 4x4 market. It created the image that enabled Jeep to go upmarket with the Grand Cherokee. And since the first Land Rover was really just an English copy of the wartime Jeep, it had the heritage that made it as acceptable on the moors on the 12th August as parked up outside the Fat Duck.

Jeep lost its way with its last Cherokee that just didn't look like a Jeep ought to look. So the company went back to its roots.

Jeep Cherokee 2009 Road Test

Real MPG average for a Jeep Cherokee (2008 – 2011)


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22–32 mpg

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Replacing Nissan X-Trail

"Nissan Columbia, Jeep Cherokee or Hyundai Santa Fe: which should I choose? All seem to have reliability issues. I really like the drive, where my bad back is concerned, of my 2001 X-Trail, but it is falling apart and needs replacing. I tow a horse trailer twice a week, weight all told about 1700kg, but would like a bit more oomph so am looking at cars with 2000kg minimum tow weight. My budget is about £10,000. I do lots of short journeys but twice a week on consecutive days a longer round trip. Am going round in circles with my research and no help from 'disinterested in cars' husband! Many thanks in advance"
A later 2.2 litre diesel old shape X-Trail is probably your best bet. Not a big fan of the 2006 - 2010 Santa Fe, but the manual is at least geared for towing and it is very good off road. The Santa Fe was improved enormously from 2010 when it got a new chain cam 2.2 R Type engine, but that's over your budget.
Answered by Honest John

Cheap Jeep

"Because we live out in the country, we are thinking of buying a four wheel drive. We have been recommended a 2009 Jeep Cherokee 2.8.CRD Limited 5-door Automatic with 14,300 miles on the clock priced at £15,000. We would welcome your advice, and if possible anything else you think suitable, we have a budget of about £20,000. Fuel costs are important, as is performance in the snow."
This is a road test of the 2009 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD: Very good off-road. We even drove up a river and towed a caravan through a pond. But not very good on the road. It hardly sold at all in the UK. So some replacement parts will be hard to come by. Probably better to stick to something more established, like a Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV-4, VW Tiguan, Ford Kuga or LandRover Freelander II. Remember, in the snow, winter tyres are more effective than four wheel drive, but of course four wheel drive with winter tyres is the best of the lot.
Answered by Honest John

Full size spares

"In May I shredded a tyre while in France. I was glad to be driving a Mondeo with a full-size spare. I was able to replace the tyre with an identical Michelin the same day. What would have happened if I had been in Albania? What new cars are supplied with a full-size spare as standard or as an option?"
Hyundai ix35s, KIA Sportages, standard Polos (not Bluemotion), new Jeep Grand Cherokee. That's all I've seen lately.
Answered by Honest John
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