Jaguar XK (2006 – 2015) Review

Jaguar XK (2006 – 2015) At A Glance


+Luxurious high performance sports car. Sublime engines. Top quality interior. Good level of standard equipment includes navigation.

-Rear seats are virtually pointless apart from use as extra luggage space.

Insurance Group 48
On average it achieves 104% of the official MPG figure

The Jaguar XK is the epitome of Jaguar at its best. It's a luxurious and comfortable sports car with great performance, a high quality interior and superb refinement. This is a real 'feelgood' car that, if you're lucky enough to afford, is always a real pleasure to drive with sublime engines.

It's a great grand tourer too with impressive long distance comfort, while the thundering V8 engine - originally a 4.2-litre but later upgraded to 5.0-litre unit with a storming 385bhp - provides the pace and rumbling sound you'd expect from a Jaguar. It may not be the most involving of two-seaters from behind the wheel, if compared to other high performance models like the Porsche 911, but the Jaguar manages to blend comfort and performance together into a very desirable model.

The XK was also the first Jaguar to showcase the modern and sharp styling that's now become a trademark across all its model - and one that's a world away from the traditional look that Jaguar had been associated with for so long. It's the same inside with a sophisticated and distinctive cabin that's finished beautifully.

In fact, there's very little to criticise about the XK. The boot is a little shallow and the rear 'seats' aren't really useable as seats at all, but this is a sports coupe after all. It also has a classy image which is a cut above other similarly priced two-seaters of this kind, while for even more style, there's the XK Convertible.

Real MPG average for a Jaguar XK (2006 – 2015)


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18–30 mpg

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My car is stored for the winter - should I start the engine and move it every now and then?
"I have recently acquired a 2006 Jaguar XK Convertible and I have just put it in the garage on trickle charge and on SORN for the winter months. Should I start the engine and move the car every now and again? "
If you can start the car and move it every month or so, that will help - but make sure you take it out for a decent run rather than just let it sit and tick over. This will also help to keep the tyres from going 'square'.
Answered by Keith Moody
Can I safely use a battery charger on my car when it's not being used?
"I have a 2008 Jaguar XK 4.2 V8 Convertible which is garaged and only used infrequently in the winter on bright dry days. I have a Draper Battery Master and would like to use it to maintain the charge in the battery when the car is not in use. However the Jag manual states that battery chargers should not be used to charge the battery as it will damage the cars electronics. I would appreciate your views on whether I should use the Battery Master or not?"
I think the Draper is more suited to classic cars. If you want to leave a trickle charger on for extended periods of time, I'd recommend the C-TEK MXS 5.0 battery charger that we recently tested here: I think the issue with damaging electronics is caused by spikes in voltage - and I'm pretty sure the C-TEK unit has smart tech to maintain a consistent flow. If you're still worried, use the period for short units of time (one or two days a week).
Answered by Georgia Petrie
Buying a Jaguar XK - what should I check?
"I am thinking of purchasing a Jaguar XK 4.2 convertible, for summer use only but the vehicle I have found in within my budget has a Cat D Status. The information I have gleamed from the seller is that the damage occurred five years ago. It has been on the road ever since and has five years' continuous MoTs. The asking price is £11,500. Is this a good purchase? "
Fair price. But there were a few quirks with early convertibles which yoiy will find out about here:
Answered by Honest John
Tyre wear on a Jaguar XK - is this possible?
"I have a Jaguar XK. Winter tyres have just been fitted - one of the summer rear tyres is below the Iegal limit, but the other is still legal but has some wear. Can I re-fit with a new rear tyre with the existing one or do I have to replace both?"
I wouldn't with a car of this power and torque because the imbalance could easily confuse the ESC and send you off the road.
Answered by Honest John
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