Easy Start - Shigg
Just looking at the thread 'won't start', a couple of members have recommended easy start to help force the engine into life. Now my question is - has anyone heard that engines using this method eventually become 'addicted' to it, so that they won't start without it? I know it sounds impossible but the theory goes that the bang (as opposed to the burning of the petrol) is so violent that it can damage the piston/rings/pins/conrod/crank/bearings causing a subsequent loss of compression so that it won't start with a petrol mix alone. I know a local scrapyard had a Transit that needed easy start for the first start of the day, but I would have thought it was just wear and tear or the lack maintenance.

Easy Start - Dynamic Dave

I have also heard the same rumour about engines getting addicted to easy start. A farm my Dad used to work on had a stubborn Massey Ferguson that refused to start one day. They tried easy start and it fired up. Even after a complete service and overhall the Fergy still refused to start without it - even on a hot summers day!! It was fine after the first startup of the day though.
Easy Start - John S

Early Transit diesels (York engine?) were notorious for poor cold starting - I think the can of easystart was standard equipment. However, the horrendous pre-ignition that easystart causes can't be ideal on a regular basis.


John S
Easy Start - Shigg
Hmmm... brother had a Transit with the York engine, what a joy! I wonder if the York engines are the reason why Easy Start was invented?
Thanks for info, maybe there's something to it.



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