Bumper dent removal - Dwight Van Driver
Son now has an ostrich egg size dent in the corner of his 'S' Astra plastic bumper.

He is of the opinion that if he applies heat to the rear of the dent then the plastic will become pliable and he can then push the dent out.


Bumper dent removal - CMark {P}
Entirely possible.

I would suggest perhaps removing the bumper for better access and pushing the dent out from the rear. Warming it carefully with a hairdryer should help. I hit a badger once with my then new Rover 220 GSi and had a similar large dent which pushed out perfectly. (Badger must have had quite a head-ache. In the rear view mirror I saw him run off the road and jump into the ditch.)

Bumper dent removal - martint123
Yup, hot hairdrier applied to both sides. It may even pop out itself. If pushing the dent out, don't use too much force or the plastic may stretch.
Bumper dent removal - Dwight Van Driver
Thanks both.

CMark - ssshhuuusshhhh you don't broadcast to Toad that you hit his friend......

Will report the outcome if he ever gets round to doing it.

Bumper dent removal - Dwight Van Driver

Son arrived pm today. I am amazed one ostrich size dent in front nearside corner, another one in rear offside. Both on the plastic bumper.

Heat gun applied to dents from inside and when suitably hot pressure applied to dents with a peice of wood. Ping, out popped both dents without any break in the paint work. 95% success as knowing where they were there is a very slight depression but these not really visible to uninitiated.

Good result.

Bumper dent removal - martint123
Good result - thanks the feedback.

When (if??) Summer arrives and he parks it in the sun, then the plastic may well slowly creep back to where it was (if a dark, heat absorbing colour).


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