Vauxhall corsa d 1.3 cdti 07 plate - Dmf - Chris79
Hello everyone,

A bit of a pre emptive question. Fingers crossed as yet my dmf is ok. However when the time comes I was wondering about the pros/cons of replacing it with a single flywheel. In addition what do people think a reasonable price is for having the clutch/ flywheel replaced, both for single and dual variants.

The car has done 64k and consistently returns 50mpg. It is however not a particularly pleasant car to drive around the town, only making sense on the dual carriageways I use it on. I'm aware that single flywheels will make the car more prone to vibration but compared to my other car this car is already coa*** and unrefined.
Any thoughts?
Vauxhall corsa d 1.3 cdti 07 plate - Dmf - Peter.N.

I have been wondering the same myself as I have a Peugeot 406 at 210k and a C5 at 188k both with the clutch pedal at the top of its travel, both Hdi. I can't really give you an answer the only thing I can say is that driven gently they can last a long time, the 406 was like it when I bought it and doesn't appear to have got any worse in the last 25k, I haven't done a lot of miles in the C5 yet but there is no sign of DMF failure or clutch slip.

You will probably get more infromation from a Vauxhall specific forum.

Vauxhall corsa d 1.3 cdti 07 plate - Dmf - Chris79
Cheers Peter. Yep I'm hoping to run the car to 150k, based on my daily commute of 100 miles, 70% of which is dual carriageway. I thought that with the amount of dmf bashing and tales of woe where these things are concerned there would be a number of people with experience here.

I'll make a few phone calls to see what I can find out.

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