Fiat flat battery - Ian Cook
Several weeks ago there was a thread about batteries going flat - I cant' remember the vehicle make, or the outcome but I thought this bit of info would be an interesting follow up.

A couple of weeks ago a pal of mine had the battery go flat on his wife's new Seicento after they'd left it to go on holiday - only one week. Checking with a multi meter he found that the current drain at the battery with everything switched off was 200mA. Based on this, the battery might well go flat in a week.

Doing a bit of investigation he found that removing the face from the face-off radio reduced this drain to 70mA - nearer the figure we would have expected. It seems unbelieveable that the front display panel of a radio would draw 130mA. What do the usual suspects think on this one?
Re: Fiat flat battery - John Slaughter
Faulty radio!
Re: Fiat flat battery - Andrew Tarr
Interesting to hear this story. I was in the local Peugeot dealer last week and was told that the workshop were trying to trace exactly the same symptom on a brand-new 307 (I think it was - may have been a 206). However they hadn't bottomed it so I can't offer any useful advice!
Re: Fiat flat battery - H.F. Smith
My new model Fiat Punto is the first car I have encountered for many years in which the radio does not go off when the ignition key is withdrawn. It seems it is supposed to turn itself off after 15 or 20 minutes if the driver forgets to do so. Maybe this facility is present in the Seicento and is faulty in this particular car.

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