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I've had a couple of strange incidents with APCOA parking recently at my local station.

I usually pay by phone for my parking. I forgot my phone one day and the payment machine where I park has been removed (handy!). There is another payment machine on the other side of the platform but I didn't have time to get over there and back. I received a ticket. I wrote to APCOA to explain and they replied saying there is another parking machine and I should have looked harder (I've now located it and its right down the very far end of the car park out of sight). They tried to charge me an increased fee of £50. I challenged this and said I had queried it within 14 days so shouldn't it be £25. They put me on hold then came back and said I was right, their system was wrong.

We then received a letter from them relating to my husband's car for an 'unpaid ticket' that we had never actually received - wanting a payment of £100. I wrote to them and queried this saying we had never received the ticket. They sent me a letter with a picture of the ticket on the car (not very firmly tucked under the wiper I have to say) and saying that we needed to pay £25 within 14 days or it would increase to £75. I called to make payment - would rather pay £25 and get it out the way. The man I spoke to requested £50. I told him my letter said £25. He asked if I was sure and put me on hold. After a few minutes he told me I was lucky - I had received an old format ticket and they had no record of it so he would accept £25.

I feel a bit uncomfortable about both incidents - has anyone else experienced 'dodgy' situations like this? Who should I report it to?

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APCOA is a private parking company. The operators go to Nigeria to learn how to scam people effectively.

Process, systems and logic do not compute in their world.

Lexus - Suscipicious behaviour from APCOA station parking - 72 dudes

It does sound suspicious.

Also blame the target/bonus culture of the management, with the staff probably on £6.19 per hour.

Lexus - Suscipicious behaviour from APCOA station parking - Dwight Van Driver

As I understand it ACPOA are registered as being approved by the British Parking Association.


and who as SUPPOSED to supervise

Suggest considering a complaint be lodged against ACPOA for sharp practice with BPA



Ask Honest John

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