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Hyundai Getz - Park/ Brake light on dash - cluelessw/cars
As my name suggests I am clueless when it comes to cars and this is why I get nervous when it comes to taking it to a garage.
Looking for some opinions so maybe I know a little before taking it in.

My car failed its mot before I bought it ( performed by a second hand car sales) because of something to do with the brakes but they fixed it all up to pass worthy. About a month ago my park/ brake light on the dash kept randomly coming on so I took it in ( to the same place as I was under warranty) and they told me it was because of a switch to do with the handbrake. Only a couple of weeks later it's coming on again especially when I am breaking more harshly ( like slowing down after coming off the motorway etc) and I am also hearing a 'cccccccCCccccCCcc' noise. Is this a switch again? Or something else? Should this of been picked up on when I took it in a month ago? I only bought it and had its MOT at the end of October...

Any opinions would be much appreciated. Thankyou
Hyundai Getz - Park/ Brake light on dash - skidpan

The dash light on some cars tells you that the pads are worn out.

The noise you are hearing is possibly metal to metal if the pads are worn out.

If it is the disks will be scored and need replacement as well as the pads.

Read the manual, it will tell you what the light means, does no one do that any more.


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