Astra 1.7D Grey/Black smoke - JasonS
i have just bought the above vehicle and im a little concerened at the amount of grey/black smoke that comes from the exhaust on normal and hard acceleration. i have had the injector pump set up properly by a specialist and had an oil and filter change but it still seems to persist. The specialist suggested that i ran some injector cleaner through the fuel tank to clean possible deposits from the engine components but this hasnt worked either.

i have read on various forums that the injectors could possibly be worn and may need replacing and to also renew the fuel filter as this can sometimes cause the prob.
A little help on the matter would be very much appreciated!!!!
Astra 1.7D Grey/Black smoke - RichardW
Black smoke is caused by overfuelling. Have you changed the air filter?

Can also be caused by poor atomisation due to dirty /worn injectors. Fit a new air filter, put some injector cleaner in and drive it hard for a couple of tankfuls to see if that cures it. If not you will need to have the injectors out, and get them checked by a specialist, and either overhauled or replaced.

Astra 1.7D Grey/Black smoke - JasonS
hi richard

thanks very much for your help. i havent put a new air in as the current one does not seem very old at all. i thought it might be down to the injectors so i will have them looked at. once again thanks for your help


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