Heated front screens. - KB.
Who, other than Ford, make cars with heated front screens?

Seems such a good idea - and owners tell me they're great, yet I don't see anyone else claiming to have them.

Heated front screens. - MR
Unfortunately I don\'t know the answer to this question. However, I feel the same way about it. Why aren\'t all new cars fitted with these heated front screens? And what about the side windows too? External mirrors as well?

We\'re able to get all this Sat-Nav high-tech gadgetry, but when it comes to something that is as effective as this, it would seem obvious to include it, or at least offer it as an option.
Heated front screens. - BB
I think it is due to the fact that Ford patented the idea. Therefore only manufacturers within Ford's group can use the technology. Ford, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo and Mazda.
Heated front screens. - Graham
My Sharan has one.
Heated front screens. - BB
There goes my theory!
Heated front screens. - Dynamic Dave
My Sharan has one.

Does Tracy know about it? :o)
Heated front screens. - Graham
Maybe not. It's a Galaxy clone after all.
Heated front screens. - Dizzy {P}
BB, sorry but I'm going to blow your theory even further away!

I do not believe that Ford patented heated front screens. These were being fitted to Opel Monzas in 1978 if I recall correctly, well before Ford latched onto the idea. They were very expensive and were not offered on the Vauxhall-badged Monza (Vauxhall Royale Coupe) for that reason.

If there was a Ford patent on heated screens, this was probably for an improvement on what had gone before, not for the idea itself. For example, the patent might have been for a heated screen with improved clarity, or more economical manufacture. Such a patent might have slowed down competitors but I doubt if it would have stopped them finding an alternative if they felt that there would be a strong enough demand from car buyers.

In any case, heated *rear* screens have been about for a very long time and simply transferring the construction from the rear of the car to the front would definitely fail to meet the 'inventive step' that is required for a patent to be granted.
Heated front screens. - KB.
Thanks for replies - are they fitted to all/most newish Mazda's then? I'll have a look at their website to see if it says.

Heated front screens. - mrmole
My classic VW Beetle has one, pretty useful as well. Got from a VW dealer.

Heated front screens. - oldtoffee
I had a Scorpio with one of these screens and although it worked a treat I found the very fine wires embedded in the glass, quite a distraction especially at night. It seemed to add to the glare/dazzle whatever the tecky term for it is.
Heated front screens. - Mike H
My father has an N-reg Laguna estate (but hey, someone has to!), I was surprised to find that it also has a heated front screen.

I also heard the story about it being a Ford patent, but certainly the Renault blows that one away. I had one on my 97 P-reg facelift Mondeo, IMHO it is the most cost-effective accessory ever fitted - bloomin' marvellous!

But what I don't understand, is, if Ford haven't got a monopoly on the things, why don't Volvo & Saab fit them - surely the frozen north is where they would be in their element...as it were.
Heated front screens. - vercin

I think that BB and Dizzy are both right.

the currrent Ford patent runs out (possibly this year) according to dealer and I think that was an improvment on an old idea.

Incidentally I found that once you know the mesh is there it can be distracting but wow does the system work.


Heated front screens. - Blue {P}
I'll second that, it's very impressive, and to be honest, I rarely even notice the mesh...

Heated front screens. - Phil P
My last Fiesta and current Focus have them and I take them for granted these days on an icy morning.

The biggest shock comes when you drive something else and shock! horror! have to actually get out of the car into the icy cold to manually scrape the ice off the windscreen instead of sitting in the car watching it all melt nicely over the course of a minute :o)
Heated front screens. - Andy P
Just a thought....

Most car insurance policies charge £50 windscreen replacement excess.

A heated front screen will undoubtedly cost more than a normal one.

Does the insurance company increase the cost of the policy to take this into account?

Heated front screens. - Dizzy {P}
The current Ford patent runs out (possibly this year) according to dealer and I think that was an improvement on an old idea.

Sounds about right Vercin, since patents are valid for a maximum of 20 years. I'll try to find the time in the next day or two to do a patent search on this and will report back here with anything I find.
Heated front screens. - Dizzy {P}
I have now carried out a very quick search and found several Ford patents relating to heated windshields. However, Ford are very prolific in patenting, and the titles are often of little guidance, and I just haven't had the time or inclination to trawl through everything. I looked only at US patents but Ford usually file equivalents in other countries making their cars such as Germany and the UK.

One of the patents seemed to fit in with the time period that we discussed but may not have been the one referred to in this thread. It is US 3903396 issued in 1975 which, under the US rules in force at the time, meant that it expired in 1992 latest. This unexciting patent can be seen at the following address but may be a bit slow to load up:

I also found a patent (non-Ford) for a method of making (non-heated)laminated screens. This was US 2184876 dated 1936. I suspect that wasn't the first on the subject as I think laminated screens were in use in the 1920s in the UK.
Heated front screens. - Dizzy {P}
I looked only at US patents but Ford usually file equivalents in other countries making their cars such as Germany and the UK.

Please ignore the word "their".
Heated front screens. - Keith S
They are very good, but.

The bars in the screen dont seem to last very long, you need an uprated alternator and the car runs awfully when the thing is switched on.

One top tip though. With a replacement screen from the big replacement firms you get a 3 year warranty. So if some of the bars stop working just claim on the guarantee.

The majority of the bars on the passenger side have stopped working (car 4 years old.) When I got it at 2.5 years there were 4 or 5 vertical bars on the LHS not working.

I cant understand why they should break if they are inside the glass?
Heated front screens. - chris p crisps ©
I had one of the first mondeo's to be fitted with heated front screen had it for 3years 110000 miles no failures at all ,only thing i had to get used to is driving at night with oncoming head light distortion through wriggly wires.

Heated front screens. - Dynamic Dave
>> I cant understand why they should break if they are inside
the glass?

I imagine it's because the wires expand with heat at a different rate to the glass.
Heated front screens. - SjB {P}
I second Mike H: I'd love to know why the Ford I have just ordered (Volvo V70 SE) doesn't have this great safety aid?!

Heated front screens. - Blue {P}
My dad's F reg Orion had it and was still working fine when he traded up to a BMW 3 series when K reg came out (92?)

Then he missed that particular toy as the BMW didn't even have a radio! :) The Orion had everything, heated screen, computer, an engine that went like a rocket when you put your foot down and a great stereo with seperate amp. I never understood why he changed...



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