Honda Civic type R 30th edition - green pug monsta
Bits of an odd one this but please bear with me!
Im in the market for a new Honda Civic type r. Ive decieded im going to get one through an importer and a few days ago i saw one of these 30th anniversay editions advertised for some thing like £14,800 (which in my eyes is a bargain, even if it does turn out to have a 5 months wait!). Me being me i cant remember where or who is was advertising it. I spent 3 hours today trawling through some websites trying to find it again but to no avail!
Anyone got any ideas or know where it was or where i can find out who exactly will have one. Since seeing some pics of the special edition, im smitten!!
Tahnks for any help
Honda Civic type R 30th edition - Citroënian {P}
Depending on your computer & setup, you might be lucky and find the website in your internet history.

In MS Internet Explorer, Click the hourglass icon on the taskbar or if you're using later versions, the clock with the green arrow on it. It should list the places you've visited recently.


Anyhow, take your money to MINI and get an "S". You'll even get the 5 month wait, if not more!

Honda Civic type R 30th edition - Andy P
Try this...

What you get is:

a leather Momo steering wheel
red Recaro seats and red door linings
tinted privacy glass for the rear and rear quarter windows
and....a 30th Anniversary sticker!!

Not that much different from the normal Type-R really....

Honda Civic type R 30th edition - RichL
Fortunately for you, I picked up a copy of 'CarBuyer' last night, and according to them the cheapest 'basic' Type-R is £13,693 from a dealer in Holland.
Honda Civic type R 30th edition - green pug monsta
I found the website after much searching!
They do normal ctrs for £14,097 otr and 30th anniversary editions for £14,597 (not sure of otr price)


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