Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - Geezer
Probably an easy one for you people but...
I have a V reg Omega 2.5 V6 CDX and often (but not always) when I have parked and switched off the engine I hear 4 beeps coming from the engine compartment (at about half second intervals).
I can't find a reference to this in the user's guide so does anyone out there know what this means?
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - Jonathan {p}
Could it be the immobiliser or alarm activating?
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - robert
Thats an interesting one ....

Is this a face lifted Omega?

I think you need to investigate a bit further and pin down WHERE the noise is coming from. As far as I know, the only things that make a noise are the:

Alarm Horm (separate from above)
Lights on buzzer
Door open buzzer when key in (auto only)

Are the beeps "electronic"?
Is your car an auto?
Does it have the original stereo - as Sony units have the feature to remind you to take the face off when you leave the car.

Regards ...... Robert
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - PST
Geezer - you beat me to asking the question! I've often wondered what the 4 beeps are on my recently acquired, facelifted 3.0 Omega. It seems to happen very infrequently, once the engine is turned off. The car is an auto and has the original stereo.

I can confirm it is electronic sounding and from the engine compartment but seems to happen very randomly.
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - Geezer
Thanks Robert. Yes it is a face lifted Omega auto. The beeps are electronic and do come from within the engine compartment. And yes it does have the original stereo.
The beeps certainly don\'t sound like the alarm horn, lights on buzzer or the door open buzzer.
Strange eh?
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - RogerL
The Vauxhall factory-fit alarm has a back-up battery. If this fails, the car gives beeps as described. It's not covered in the driver handbook but dealers know to replace the alarm back-up battery. I've already had TWO replaced in my Astra under warranty in the first two years!
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - PST
Mentioned this at a 40K service this week (plus the fact that it might just need batteries) and the dealer has told me that it needs a new alarm siren unit! Fortunately, covered under warranty but it confirms the beeps were definitely alarm related.

Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - Jase
The Omega mystery four beeps has been discussed before on here and I think the mystery was solved. If you do a search on Omega then I'm sure you'll find the answer.
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - Dynamic Dave
Jase, the answer is mentioned by RogerL in this thread. A failed battery backup.
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - Jase
Oops sorry. I'll read the thread better next time.

My Elite owning friend concurred and said the replacement cost him £70 from Vx.

Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - netcar
Anyone know whether the Alarm back-up battery is located and whether it can be DIY replaced ?
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - smokie
Haynes doesn't mention battery backup, but says the ECU is mounted behind the glovebox aperture in the fascia. Good starting place maybe?
Omega 2.5V6 Beeps - JonM
I've been told it's integral with the siren which I believe on my Y2K 3.0 is in the engine bay bolted to the back of the front offside wheel arch. According to my local Vx dealer, the siren is a 'sealed unit' and the whole thing had to be replaced at a cost of £70 (dealer fit).

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