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Renault trafic 1.9 dci - Renault Trafic 1.9 dci100 boost and smoke issue - stoodz

Hi all

My trafic smokes on start up, for the first 10 seconds or so the revs are 500-1000 and almost stalls. the if you rev it in neutral it hesitates between 2500-3000 and white smoke fills the sky. if you try and drive it smokes at the same revs and then after 3000 it feels like the turbo kicks in. after about 5 mins driving all is fine, it drives well and smoke is gone but sometimes it goes into limp mode. so far i have cleaned egr and maf ( which is new and i have tried it with another maf in case mine was duff), leak test on injectors was fine, changed fuel filter, 2 of the 4 glow plugs need replacing and the lid of the air filter box doesnt seem to fit properly. An AA man showed me a test were you squeeze the intercooler pipe and get someone to rev engine and the pipe should expand in you hand, this does not happen. diag code reader only brought up glow plugs

Any ideas whats going on and why it is fine after a 5 mins driving?


Renault trafic 1.9 dci - Renault Trafic 1.9 dci100 boost and smoke issue - hardway

Vacuum is generated by the pump on the R/H end of the cam box,a large pipe goes to the servo,a smaller one goes to the turbo solenoid and then down to the turbo.

turbo solenoid,turbo pressure sensor and glow plug relay are mounted on the right hand plate above the gearbox.take off all the small bore pipe and clean through,they can become clogged.If you have no turbo boost then the pressure sensor,solenoid or pipe are suspect,the ppe from the boost solenoid down to the turbo can be sucked to activate the arm on the turbo to see if it moves,if memory serves this turbo is naturally ON,the vacuum operates the wastegate dump.

so on ballance id be looking at the turbo wastegate vacuum servo/arm and working my way back up to the pressure sensor.,try the suck test on the pipe down to the wastegate first,if it moves good,if not the wastegate is always open,no boost.

Renault trafic 1.9 dci - Renault Trafic 1.9 dci100 boost and smoke issue - mickeybo

The turbo on your 1.9 dci is designed to give boost immediately which gives the engine low speed torque the turbo on start up should spool up immediately and using a vac gauge or mity vac pump vac should read at turbo actuator 26/27 inhg. As regards to smoke at cold start up i would get the pre heat period checked out & certainly after glow period to counteract smoking after cold start Hth Regards Mickey bo


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