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Wondered if anyone had any ideas on this. Couple of weeks ago I went to my car and tried to start it, the engine malfunction light was on and nothing happened apart from a click noise. I went back to the car later and it started fine. Mechanic said it was the starter motor so he replaced it (costing nearly £200) 5 days later the same thing has happend again so it obviously wasn't the starter motor in the first place. He now says he thinks it could be the starter motor ring gear???? Apparently it will be a major stripping down the car job to replace this but he says he isn't 100% certain its this so I don't want to go down that route unless really necessary some people are suggesting it could be an electrical problem as sometimes its perfectly fine then others nothing. The battery has been tested and is fine. Any suggestions welcome.

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It still could be the starter motor if the mechanic fitted some sort of recon unit instead of an official ford sourced unit then you can expect all sorts of problems unless you are very lucky.If it is the ring gear then it can be turned to an unused section as the starter motor always uses the same areas of the ring gear.I am assuming the vehicle is a diesel the same might apply with petrol regards the starter motor it does regarding the ring gear.

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Petrol or diesel ?

Diesel one suffers from dual mass flywheel problems like many cars and tha starter can miss the flywheel. Normally a clutch and flywheel can resolve this issue. The tech should of checked the starter for contamination from the dual mass !

Jaguar X-Type 2005 - Problems Starting - stuartbroster

The starter motor was brand new one and yes it is a diesel.

Thanks for the advise


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