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Hi could anyone tell me how much i should pay a normal mechanic to replace the engine of a toyota yaris diesel 1.4 engine if i have already bought the engine. Thanks

Toyota Yaris - cost of replacing the engine - madf

You need to pay for:

removing old engine

Replacing it with new.

I assume he will NOT fit a new clutch or flywheel - normally long lasting.

If the last one failed fue to head gasket, then the cooling system will have to be cleaned throughly..of oil.

Has the new engine got turbo and all fule injection parts and fuel pump and ancillaries or is it bare and they have to be taken off the old engine?

New oil, fliters, new coolant I assume.

Two competent mechanis should be able to do a straight swap in a day. (Tow for the lifting and separation etc - heavy).

If ancillaries have to be changed, then add 4-5 hours.

So I would expect in total 10 -15 hours labour plus parts .

At £30 /hour.. £300 to £450 plus oil+filters +coolant £60. .

Say £400 to £600..

Of course they may do it for less or the hourly rate may be more.. or they may be used to doing it (doubtful as normally relaible)..

Toyota Yaris - cost of replacing the engine - madf

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