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Hi There,

I'm after a bit of advice, I was driving my focus yesterday when i came to a cyclist, i pulled out to overtake him and BAM car cuts out with the glow plug light flashing.

Pull over, get the AA out (car won't restart) he says he's had to pull a load of air out of the fuel line, once this is done he can see fuel coming to the injectors but car still won't restart.

I don't want to spend a fortune on garage diagnostics etc as the car is old and not worth spending more than £300 on really, i basically am wondering if it's likley that there is still air in the system (maybe the sudden overtake movement moved fuel and air about) and that i should just change filters and bleed or if it's likely the dreaded high pressure fuel pump has failed? i only ask as there were no symptoms leading upto this failure and maybe somenone has had the exact same thing happen?? (long shot!!) oh and i did only have a eighth of a tank of fuel roughly......i know i know, no need to tell me i shouldn't be running a diesel so low!

Ford Focus - Ford Focus TDDi cut out and won't re start - BenG

Not sure if your TDDi has one but when my TDCi cut out suddenly and would not restart, it was the cam sensor - a small plastic sensor with a plug and wire leading from it located on the top of the cam cover.

It's known to fail and causes complete and sudden loss of power. Cheap and easy to replace.

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Hi i have had two focus tddi's recovered to me with non start syndrom, the first one was in garage not so far away who had it for 4 weeks and failed to identify the cause.The owner then had it recovered from them to another garage who had it for 6 weeks, again unable to come to any satisfactory conclusion.

It was then recovered to me after a friend of mine had told the owner i was now working for myself and to try me.

I spent a very thoughrough week going over things i had already checked sometimes working into the early hours of the morning until i decided to get out a diagram of the pump so i could check what exaclty was involved in stripping it down.

Whilst doing this i became aware of the "edu" module, this is the electrical square block that is bolted to the top of pump.

I called Bosch who i have to add were not very helpful when i asked if it was a serviceable part to which the lady replied "no it is a complete unit"

Ok so if it is non serviceable then why does it have screws in it i asked to which she replied "to fix it to the pump"...

The screws were not for securing it to the pump, their purpose was to hold the top cover plate on, so what is under that i thought???

Upon opening it up i very quickly realised it was some kind of circuitry with a clear gel covering it but was at a loss as to how i could test it so local breakers here i come.

Got the Edu, for free i have to add as it was attached to an old pump that was lying on the floor in the dirt and mud, got it home gave it a clean and set about fitting it.

There are four wires at rear of pump, two for advance retard and two for the spooler.

Carefully cut these wires, i staggered the cuts so i knew which wires were which then connected them with crimp style barrel connectors, can be a bit tricky geting to these wires but it can be done.

Out come my trustee old laptop complete with Ford IDS and i set about virginising the edu (clearing the original vehicles data from it) then marrying it up to customers tddi.

All in all it took about ten or so mins for it to complete.

I turned ignition off then back on, waited for glows to do their thing and cranked it.

She spun for roughly ten seconds with no sign off life and just as i was about to let the key off it coughed, then spluttered in came into life.

Customer still driving it without any probem and i had another one shortly afer that first one and apparently its a common fault on the tddi although autodata does not list it as an issue.

I now keep three mor four of the edu modules in at all times now just in case, all donors from scrap cars of course but its beats buying a new pump which is what most garages and bosch will tell you.

If i can help any more please let me know

Good luck

Brian (midnight motors)

Ford Focus - Ford Focus TDDi cut out and won't re start - yellowmitch

Hi Brian,

I have had a focus tddi stall and not restart tonight. There is about 120000 miles on it.

I have a feeling that it will be the EDU / EDC at fault

Is it possible for me to diagnose this using a Launch X431 diagnostic machine, and if so, and if it is this, buy a virginised EDC from you to fit to it?

I ask this as I am far away in Northern Ireland, so bringing it to you is not an option


Ford Focus - Ford Focus TDDi cut out and won't re start - tony39

hi iv got a t plate ford focus tddi with the same fault on the pump,, before i scrap it would you be able to repair it and if so how much,, many thanks,, my number is 07817833102,

many thanks tony

Ford Focus - Ford Focus TDDi cut out and won't re start - paullocktec
Hi Brian
Have similar issue, have a 2003 connect TDDI starts most of time, then every now and then it won't start off key, starts with no problem on tow, have just had new starter, injectors have been checked all working fine and replaced leaking pipe from filter, new flow plugs and filters etc done, still having same problem, do you think this could be same problem, have searched everywhere to find solution, even mechanics don't seem to wanna know as everyone scratching heads, van runs fine once towed, but randomly after having it running go to turn over and won't start again
Any help appreciated
Ford Focus - Ford Focus TDDi cut out and won't re start - Kurtis31
Hi Paul, having a similar problem on my 05 connect TDDI, did you solve yours and what was it mate?

Ford Focus - Ford Focus TDDi cut out and won't re start - Johnny Cobra
Hello Brian,

A Ford Focus 1.8 tddi 2003 that belongs to a very old boy pensioner(broke)
from my local pub broke down while he was driving along.
I got some help and towed it back. Trying to help him and do
Good deed. (I will never learn :-))

I spent many hours to eventually come to the decision that the injection pump
had failed. But after looking on the Web I noticed that the
common problem is the EDC,EDU module.

I took it off and took it to a place quite far from me and had to go there again a day later to collect it.
I fitted it and the car started as you said in your post.
About a week later the car broke down again. It started again and he managed to
get it nearly home and it broke down again.
When we went to tow it back it started and it got back to
an empty parking space and it cut out again. Had to push
It into the space.
I took the module off and went to the faraway place
again... and went the next day again to collect it.

I fitted it and the car would not start. I am not sure if
they did try to repair it the second time...?
The person there said if it doesn't work get a new pump.
So now I am in a predicament...
As one of my retired mechanics that worked with me
when I had the garage said " I am married to it now :-) "

I still believe it is the module...
I even put a small in line pump and clear tubing to see
that no air and fuel is going to the pump.

Please help if you can. I really want to get divorced from
this car.

Thank you
Kind regards,
Ford Focus - Ford Focus TDDi cut out and won't re start - Peter.N.

I think one from a scrap yard would be your best bet.

Ford Focus - Ford Focus TDDi cut out and won't re start - Johnny Cobra


I will be more than happy to get one and try using just the Module. But it needs to be programmed.My Autocom diagnostic says module but I am not sure if it can programme the EDU to the car PATS system.

Thank you

Kind regards,



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